Working with Social Media

Social Media has been expanding into the four corners of people’s lives. Social, entertainment, and promotion are a few examples of heavy social media presence. Now, if you play your cards right, you can get a job from staying invested in social media. According to an article from Entrepreneur, wise companies “should connect and engage the best of the best.” They can do this over a bunch of different platforms now. LinkedIn is specifically made for business social media. Entrepreneur encourages employers to be trained to find new talent.

But it is used on all platforms. The company I work for, King of Pops, recently just put out an Instagram post letting their 35k followers know that there is are open spots on their website. This is a great tool when used properly. Consistent posts can create a free brand awareness and help a company stand out amongst its competitors.

There are so many ways to engage consumers through social media on all the platforms. It is so important to show consumers what it is like to work at your company. These are fun things to do too, like giveaways, worker bios, and behind the scenes pictures and video. It can be so easy to get creative and draw in a new appreciation for a company and hopefully inspiring talented consumers to join the working team.

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