Design is a huge importance when it come to marketing. Very much like editing in a feature film, it is the “invisible art.” If a product’s marketing has a good design it may rarely receive compliment. However, when it does not have a strong design, it will be bashed and quickly discounted.

From the documentary film, “Objectified”, consumers are able to take a closer look at how products are design. It can also answer question on What? For Whom? and Why? From a marketing perspective, this information has great value. In the social media marketing world, consistent posts need to have a consistent voice and pleasing design.

Many different jobs focus on these tasks. A rising and strong job title is graphic design. It gives a creative stronghold to marketers reaching a simpler communication audience.

Here is a great example from Pringles:2-3d-typogrpahy-pringles-galaxy

While it has an importance being able to read the writing, if a consumer cannot read, they can still get the general idea behind the ad.


Some can be overly simple and explain a quick and easy message:


And yet sometimes design goes overboard and implies something that can be hard to recover from. Use this example from Turkish Airlines:


What kind of impression does this leave?

Good Design saves Lives!




11 thoughts on “Marketing Design

  1. I really like this take on marketing campaigns. Design is not something you consciously recognize, but it is something that leaves an impression nonetheless. Marketers have to be careful with how designs are placed, and the Turkish airlines ad is a great example. While the ad itself may seem like a good idea, you have to think of the subconscious messages that are being left with consumers when they view the ad.


  2. I loved this post, and found it super interesting! Graphic Design is such an integral piece to an advertisement. I agree with you that even the simplest design can have the greatest impact, like the 21 ad you showed. The design of an advertisement can make or break a customer’s perspective of a brand, and that is super important! Great post!!


  3. Mr Hutto, I do believe this blog is quite well written and found a incredibly interesting topic to discuss. Design is absolutely the most important part of the marketing process. No data or results will come from poorly designed material that dissuades consumers from taking interest in the product. The airplane crashing into the ground from the escalator is a prime example of poor design and lazy placement.


  4. I loved your blog post because today, design is crucial for marketing. It is a huge aspect in how people perceive a product or the brand / company. A good design can send a very impactful message but a bad one can just put a bad taste in your mouth. I personally have been drawn to a product due to a well-designed ad. What a company posts says a lot about them. It can even lead to new users being reached or in the worst case, losing consumers. Everyone loves a good design; it acts as art in the marketing world!


  5. I agree with this post entirely! I truly believe that having a better understanding on all things graphic design will make me so much more successful if I choose to find a job in the digital marketing field. It has become such an important part of the marketing, especially with the growing significance that social media has begun to play into our lives. I love your examples and think that you are spot on!


  6. Great post. People often underestimate the importance of graphic design in marketing, however it could not be more important. Design can make or break the perceptions that a consumer will have of your brand and your message so it’s key that you get it right.


  7. I love this post! I consider myself to be, somewhat, creative and the importance of design is something that people overlook so often. I love that you were able to highlight an area of marketing that is easy to forget, but can also have major impacts on a campaigns success.


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