Is Coca-Cola a Company to Trust?

Coca-Cola has done it again. Well, not exactly, they are the first in this area. But they set the bar a bit higher for Fortune 500 companies to give back what they take.

Recently I saw graffiti on the ground that read: “Coke sells Poison. Makes millions. Boycott.” Although I am not an avid Coke or even pop drinker in general, this caught my attention. At what point does Coke make anyone buy their products? What have they done to destroy any of their consumers?

I thought about how large Coke is as a company and how that may affect the world. It uses a lot of plastic to bottle all the liquids that are used in their products. Water is precious and boy does Coke use much of it.

And then they did this: in 2015, Coca-Cola returned 191.9 billion liters of water to nature or human communities — 115 percent of the water it used in its beverages that year.


A terrific feat for such a large company. It goes to show that Coke is thinking about the future and wants to help sustain not only themselves, but the world.

With a variety of products, Coca-Cola gives consumers an option to choose a tasty and not a sugary drink. Whether or not soda pop is a highly destructive product when consumed consistently is in the hands of the consumer, not the manufacturer. If Dasani water started to outsell Coke, I have no doubt to believe that Coca-Cola would promote Dasani the most.

My question is should consumers boycott boisterously a company that has a top priority to help.

Read about it here:

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