Is Running Done?

When Phil Knight, co-creator of Nike, started his original company Blue Ribbon, many critics thought that he was reaching for the stars because not many people run. However, his product, along with adidas and other up-and-coming shoe company were able to build brand relevance as jogger crazy struck across the nation.

However, more and more I hear the terrible sentence, “ugh no way. I hate running.” What happened? Is this just how it has always been or has running started to phase out?

Some people do not like to compete because they are afraid to fail. So many times I try and use that idea to get them to run with me or exercise; to no success. It seems that running connects so deep as a failure that it does not motivate people to look past that. Running is a personal competition. At the end, it can be so easy to feel like a failure and on top of that, many out of shape people feel the intense hurt and burn at the end.

So what can companies do to combat this? Well, I believe they have already won. Any citizen whether they use athletic wear for any sorts of athletics can wear it in style. They are comfortable and breathable clothing. There are no requirements to be an athlete and wear the clothing. What a strong win amongst competing brands.runners.jpg

One thought on “Is Running Done?

  1. Really interesting points, I hadn’t really thought about the fact that Nike entered into a market for such a niche group of people. I think they definitely combatted it because when I think of Nike I don’t just think of running. I think of general athletic wear or just comfortable clothing overall. I don’t think running is done, I think it may actually be on the rise. While people may claim to hate it, I think they’re starting to appreciate the value in the personal challenge you create for yourself when you go out for a run. It requires far more mental strength than physical strength, and I think that’s something we all strive for.


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