Nearly everyone knows the iconic Apple iPhone. It changed the way cellular phones were viewed. Now, years later the streets are still lined up to get their hands on the newest release. Per usual, Apple scheduled to release their newest iPhone at the beginning of fall; just in time for a second boom at Christmas time.

Released on September 16, Apple released its newest iPhone: iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. Both phones featured the new iOS, a water resistant body, a similar yet innovated home button, and the controversial missing headphone jack. While the iPhone 7 Plus boasts a larger screen and dual cameras for upscale photos, in the end not there is not too many difference. Sales boomed and the results are in: iPhone 7 is a hit.

Yet what about long term? Apple has always been known for innovation designs that lead the market in future endeavors. This model, they took away the headphone jack. Largely, this was viewed as a bully move. Yes, they solved the problem initially; they gave a new adapter with every phone purchased, but it also limits the users ability to charge their phone and have a jack plugged into the phone.

This innovation has turned many loyal customers away from Apple products. “I’ve owned every iPhone since the first, and this is my tipping point. I’m headed to Android,” says Erick Sanchez, 30, a communications consultant in Washington, D.C.“I love Apple, but I can’t believe I’m at a point where I’m charging a phone, a watch, and a set of headphones while other companies are mastering wireless charging.”

A long time iPhone user makes some good point for Apple moving forward in their design. At what point does Apple have to stop bullying their customers into changes they do not wish to make? Android has made careful steps of their own to separate themselves from Apple. While the iPhone remains trendy, this most recent release has shaken some core customers and could imply some future problems for Apple.


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