Is iPhone on its Way Out?

Nearly everyone knows the iconic Apple iPhone. It changed the way cellular phones were viewed. Now, years later the streets are still lined up to get their hands on the newest release. Per usual, Apple scheduled to release their newest iPhone at the beginning of fall; just in time for a second boom at Christmas time.

Released on September 16, Apple released its newest iPhone: iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. Both phones featured the new iOS, a water resistant body, a similar yet innovated home button, and the controversial missing headphone jack. While the iPhone 7 Plus boasts a larger screen and dual cameras for upscale photos, in the end not there is not too many difference. Sales boomed and the results are in: iPhone 7 is a hit.

Yet what about long term? Apple has always been known for innovation designs that lead the market in future endeavors. This model, they took away the headphone jack. Largely, this was viewed as a bully move. Yes, they solved the problem initially; they gave a new adapter with every phone purchased, but it also limits the users ability to charge their phone and have a jack plugged into the phone.

This innovation has turned many loyal customers away from Apple products. “I’ve owned every iPhone since the first, and this is my tipping point. I’m headed to Android,” says Erick Sanchez, 30, a communications consultant in Washington, D.C.“I love Apple, but I can’t believe I’m at a point where I’m charging a phone, a watch, and a set of headphones while other companies are mastering wireless charging.”

A long time iPhone user makes some good point for Apple moving forward in their design. At what point does Apple have to stop bullying their customers into changes they do not wish to make? Android has made careful steps of their own to separate themselves from Apple. While the iPhone remains trendy, this most recent release has shaken some core customers and could imply some future problems for Apple.


Forget Thanksgiving

There is just too much to do for Christmas that Thanksgiving should be let go; I mean, it is just outdated at this point.

This point does not accurately represent how I feel, but it always seems to be the trend of our culture year after year.

This fall, I was buying a few foods and party supplies from Kroger for a all festival my house was throwing. It should be noted that the day was October 3oth. When I went to pick up a few two liters of Coke, I was only able to get bottles with the Christmas polar bear on them.

When is enough, enough? Most people I talk to confirm the ridiculousness of celebrating Christmas before it is even the month of December. Yet every year it starts a little earlier.

How do we put a stop to this? Who’s contributing to this terrible trend?

The world may never know.

Coming up Short…Stories

What does coming up with short stories actually accomplish? They usually don’t get published or have any strong relevance when it comes to literature. Wait, that’s not true! Many times short stories give a sample to a novel or even a screenplay. Short stories are an impressive accomplishment when it comes to writing. It packs many tools and structure into a small story.

Check out this short story by Wayne Legar Domane [W.L. Domane] titled: Marigold and Orange

Marigold and Orange

She ripped at the skin, clawing it apart to reveal the now oozing flesh underneath. Tossing the skin aside, she gorged herself upon her find. Her mouth was quickly stained red. She felt a crunch and quickly spit out anything that was not flesh.

She examined the mess she had created and what she had decimated. She got up and walked over to get a paper towel. She wet it and wiped her mouth; the sink, improperly cut off went drip, drip, drip. 

Her mess had now reached the edge of the table and spilt over like drip, drip, drip. 

It sounds like it might start to sprinkle, she thought to herself.

She stood next to the sink and just thought about what she had done.

Nobody eats a green, she pondered. Sure broccoli, kale, and collard are all greens, but nobody eats a green or a blue or a red. 

Yet why do people eat an orange? Was the fruit named before the color or the color after the fruit. An apple can be red or green or yellow, but an orange is blood. Blood orange. Because red orange is a color. And a color is something you see not feel. Unless it is orange than you can feel it and taste it and eat it.

Marigold wanted to try yellow. She thought and thought and thought for a yellow, but knew she could only see it, think it, speak it, but never know it. 

Marigold skated around her apartment. No longer able to hear her own thoughts. 

She squeaked, squawked, and screamed. The lamp got bumped in her rampage and fell through the floor. The couch was ripped in half. Marigold’s eyes glazed over as her voice reached a piercing note. With a mighty leap, Marigold spread her arms and flew around the room. Flap, flap, flap.

A mighty hurricane suddenly blew in and blinded anything trying to fly. It debated the room. It was a torrential downpour that severed the eyes and nose and the feels. 

The hurricane caught aflame and roared “blazed, blazed, blazed.” 

It quickly licked up everything that had been soaked, leaving a black.

A voice broke the now nearly silent room.

“Test 2-31b. Failure. Subject overexposed.”

The Observer looked into the new abyss. A noise caught his guard off. He looked around to see who it was. 

The blackened room cried drip, drip, drip.

Does it capture you or at least keep you intrigued? The repetition was quite captive in my opinion. As well as the contrast of the color orange and the surrealist feel the story had. It seemed to dark in the beginning and ended that way.

Does UGA kill the Halloween Spirit?

Halloween is the best holiday; everybody knows that! I mean, what does it have to compete with? Arbor Day, Earth Day, and Kwanzaa? While all holidays are a hoot and a half, none truly compare to the incredibleness of Halloween.

Every year, average citizens get to dress up in costumes that can be scary or goofy, cute or creepy, and every year you can choose another theme! Then the options are endless: you go out with your friends, make fun snacks and gorge on sweets (or save them for for months, slowly spacing them out.)

With plenty of fall decor and making your house as scary as you wish, Halloween can become a great tradition for an entire family or committed friends. However, every year for the past three years, Halloween has fallen on GA/FLA weekend. This strong encouragement for students to attend the game or just go to what is known as “Frat Beach” has killed the holiday spirit. No “trick or treat,” no costume parties on the day of, no one is in Athens because it is fall break.

All these reasons rack up against students being able to enjoy this fantastic holiday. As students we should rise up and demand that UGA celebrate at least one day were we can wear costumes on campus and everyone gets to enjoy the wonders of creativity.

Don’t let Halloween become a holiday of the past; get excited for the future!

Is Running Done?

When Phil Knight, co-creator of Nike, started his original company Blue Ribbon, many critics thought that he was reaching for the stars because not many people run. However, his product, along with adidas and other up-and-coming shoe company were able to build brand relevance as jogger crazy struck across the nation.

However, more and more I hear the terrible sentence, “ugh no way. I hate running.” What happened? Is this just how it has always been or has running started to phase out?

Some people do not like to compete because they are afraid to fail. So many times I try and use that idea to get them to run with me or exercise; to no success. It seems that running connects so deep as a failure that it does not motivate people to look past that. Running is a personal competition. At the end, it can be so easy to feel like a failure and on top of that, many out of shape people feel the intense hurt and burn at the end.

So what can companies do to combat this? Well, I believe they have already won. Any citizen whether they use athletic wear for any sorts of athletics can wear it in style. They are comfortable and breathable clothing. There are no requirements to be an athlete and wear the clothing. What a strong win amongst competing brands.runners.jpg

Is Coca-Cola a Company to Trust?

Coca-Cola has done it again. Well, not exactly, they are the first in this area. But they set the bar a bit higher for Fortune 500 companies to give back what they take.

Recently I saw graffiti on the ground that read: “Coke sells Poison. Makes millions. Boycott.” Although I am not an avid Coke or even pop drinker in general, this caught my attention. At what point does Coke make anyone buy their products? What have they done to destroy any of their consumers?

I thought about how large Coke is as a company and how that may affect the world. It uses a lot of plastic to bottle all the liquids that are used in their products. Water is precious and boy does Coke use much of it.

And then they did this: in 2015, Coca-Cola returned 191.9 billion liters of water to nature or human communities — 115 percent of the water it used in its beverages that year.


A terrific feat for such a large company. It goes to show that Coke is thinking about the future and wants to help sustain not only themselves, but the world.

With a variety of products, Coca-Cola gives consumers an option to choose a tasty and not a sugary drink. Whether or not soda pop is a highly destructive product when consumed consistently is in the hands of the consumer, not the manufacturer. If Dasani water started to outsell Coke, I have no doubt to believe that Coca-Cola would promote Dasani the most.

My question is should consumers boycott boisterously a company that has a top priority to help.

Read about it here:

Coming Up Short

Have you ever had an instagram picture, tweet, or Facebook post that just did not do as well as you hoped?

Most social media users would agree that some of their posts fall short of their expectations. They do not receive the “satisfaction” they were expecting from this post.

Yet again and again, user put their hopes into a post and are gratified by the amount of likes, favorites, shares, and views it has. But why?

Because it is easy and because people desire the idea of being needed; so much that it almost becomes  a need. To quote Michael Scott (a fiction character in the US tv show The Office), “Do I need to be liked? Absolutely not. I like to be liked. I enjoy being liked. I have to be liked; but it’s not like this compulsive need to be liked, like my need to be praised.”

Although a tad dated, the research topic “Interpersonal Media Media Competition” gives insight to the general gratification of social medias (

Another useful, yet still a bit dated topic, finds that adolescents’ self-esteem and social well-being  are effected indirectly from people’s response to their pages (

It seems to be an interesting path that users are going down. The end result may be interesting or unpredictable.

Marketing Design

Design is a huge importance when it come to marketing. Very much like editing in a feature film, it is the “invisible art.” If a product’s marketing has a good design it may rarely receive compliment. However, when it does not have a strong design, it will be bashed and quickly discounted.

From the documentary film, “Objectified”, consumers are able to take a closer look at how products are design. It can also answer question on What? For Whom? and Why? From a marketing perspective, this information has great value. In the social media marketing world, consistent posts need to have a consistent voice and pleasing design.

Many different jobs focus on these tasks. A rising and strong job title is graphic design. It gives a creative stronghold to marketers reaching a simpler communication audience.

Here is a great example from Pringles:2-3d-typogrpahy-pringles-galaxy

While it has an importance being able to read the writing, if a consumer cannot read, they can still get the general idea behind the ad.


Some can be overly simple and explain a quick and easy message:


And yet sometimes design goes overboard and implies something that can be hard to recover from. Use this example from Turkish Airlines:


What kind of impression does this leave?

Good Design saves Lives!




Working with Social Media

Social Media has been expanding into the four corners of people’s lives. Social, entertainment, and promotion are a few examples of heavy social media presence. Now, if you play your cards right, you can get a job from staying invested in social media. According to an article from Entrepreneur, wise companies “should connect and engage the best of the best.” They can do this over a bunch of different platforms now. LinkedIn is specifically made for business social media. Entrepreneur encourages employers to be trained to find new talent.

But it is used on all platforms. The company I work for, King of Pops, recently just put out an Instagram post letting their 35k followers know that there is are open spots on their website. This is a great tool when used properly. Consistent posts can create a free brand awareness and help a company stand out amongst its competitors.

There are so many ways to engage consumers through social media on all the platforms. It is so important to show consumers what it is like to work at your company. These are fun things to do too, like giveaways, worker bios, and behind the scenes pictures and video. It can be so easy to get creative and draw in a new appreciation for a company and hopefully inspiring talented consumers to join the working team.

Social Media Outside of Business

The haters have been silenced. After years of doubts that social media was a millennial fad, social media is still running and seems to be gaining speed. In 2012, Forbes wrote an article about how social media is becoming “increasingly important part of any business’s marketing and client base development platform.”

In 2012:

  • 94% of all businesses with a marketing department used social media as part of their marketing platform
  • Almost 60% of marketers are devoting the equivalent of a full work day to social media marketing development and maintenance
  • 43% of people aged 20-29 spend more than 10 hours a week on social media sites
  • 85% of all businesses that have a dedicated social media platform as part of their marketing strategy reported an increase in their market exposure
  • 58% of businesses that have used social media marketing for over 3 years reported an increase in sales over that period

But what if you do not run a business per se? Universities, organization, clubs, services, and the arts all have to sell themselves as ideas, but profit in an experience or even lifestyle. Usually it is a one-time buy for a one-time result.

The film industry I believe is affected by this process. While there are, of course, movie studios who put out a large amount of content, they do not have the reach as a purely product based company like Nike or Apple has.

These studios pump out many films that might each hit a different demographic. Are they able to narrow it down?

These studios individualize their social media to reach fan or potential fans. Hootsuite release an article stating the “films can use social media to listen to what their loyal fans want, and hopefully find a creative way to do just that.” When Hunger Games was releasing their second installment in their four movie saga, they released games, trivia, hashtags, and competitions to have fans promote to their friends. These friends might be key demographics as well.

It was highly success campaign that seemed so simple to an audience or social media users, but was highly complex and very well thought out. It reached audience and created a large buzz on the movie and films to come.

When utilized, social media can be a powerful to even organizations past the standard thought of business marketing.