Halloween is the best holiday; everybody knows that! I mean, what does it have to compete with? Arbor Day, Earth Day, and Kwanzaa? While all holidays are a hoot and a half, none truly compare to the incredibleness of Halloween.

Every year, average citizens get to dress up in costumes that can be scary or goofy, cute or creepy, and every year you can choose another theme! Then the options are endless: you go out with your friends, make fun snacks and gorge on sweets (or save them for for months, slowly spacing them out.)

With plenty of fall decor and making your house as scary as you wish, Halloween can become a great tradition for an entire family or committed friends. However, every year for the past three years, Halloween has fallen on GA/FLA weekend. This strong encouragement for students to attend the game or just go to what is known as “Frat Beach” has killed the holiday spirit. No “trick or treat,” no costume parties on the day of, no one is in Athens because it is fall break.

All these reasons rack up against students being able to enjoy this fantastic holiday. As students we should rise up and demand that UGA celebrate at least one day were we can wear costumes on campus and everyone gets to enjoy the wonders of creativity.

Don’t let Halloween become a holiday of the past; get excited for the future!

2 thoughts on “Does UGA kill the Halloween Spirit?

  1. First off, Halloween is 4th for me behind Christmas, 4th of July, and Thanksgiving. I do agree with you though. I love the Georgia/Florida game and I don’t see it changing anytime soon. I would like for UGA or the city Athens to have a Halloween night maybe the weekend before or something, because I do feel like I miss out on Halloween every year.


  2. I remember coming in as a freshman and being disappointed not having a Halloween weekend to dress up, I love dressing up. I was actually just talking about this with a friend who transferred to UGA and just realized there wouldn’t be much an opportunity to celebrate the holiday. But after thinking about it I really don’t mind. I think its fun having our own traditions as a college, every other college in the national has typical Halloween. Also its something different for 4 years, pre/post grad you’ll always have the opportunity to celebrate.


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